Qualities of Children of the New Era

Pamela Kribbe channels Mother Earth


Dear friends, 


I am the voice of the Earth and I am with you. I am always present in your body: in every cell, in every breath, in the blood that flows through your veins, in your feet that touch the ground. You sense my presence, but I so want us to fully meet and to embrace you. I want you to know that you are safe here on Earth.


Imagine that you are borne by me. You can let go of all tension because there is a power that supports you, one that is greater than your thoughts. Feel my power for a moment and how it flows from the ground up through your feet. Feel my strength that bears all weight. I am a living presence, the soul of the plants, the animals, the people, of all living things on Earth, and also of the stones, the soil, the non-sentient objects. Everything on Earth is part of one stream and when you connect with that flow – through your body – you can feel something greater, you sense that which supports you in a firm, but gentle way. Many of you have a sensitive nature, you are open to subtle energies, so feel my presence.


This is a time of change on Earth. New energies want to reveal themselves and to manifest. The old is exhausted, tired of struggling, and all of you confront the old and the new simultaneously. You, too, are exhausted by so much struggle. You feel how a life based on fear and the struggle for survival is something that fewer and fewer people can tolerate There is a desire for something else, something more, and I ask you to recognize that desire in your own heart. Each of you carry with you the desire for ease, for being able to relax, and a longing to live from joy and deep inspiration.


One of the characteristics of the new time is that what is unique in every person is to be acknowledged and received. In the new era, a child will no longer be expected to conform to the existing structure where it would fit in and conform. Education, in the true sense, will increasingly mean that the unique nature of a child, its soul, will be allowed to flourish; it will be treated with patience and respect for that child’s path of development.


As incarnate souls, children are not perfect; they have a history as a soul. And children of the new era also have a shadow in their unconscious parts. They, too, are here to grow, to experience, to learn, but they also have something different. Basically, they believe in themselves, even though in their behavior they may appear to be dreamy, absent, or restless, uncertain perhaps. Yet there is in these children of the new era a belief in their unique power, their distinctive talents, and they refuse to give this up. In that sense, they are stubborn, willful, and tenacious.


In fact, you can observe in such children two directions. The first is that which I just mentioned: the confidence of the self in relation to the soul. The connection to the soul is so strong that the child feels deeply who it is, no matter what the outside world tells it. And from that connection springs an individuality, or personality, that makes it hard to guide the child. If the external expectations are inconsistent with its soul’s impulse, one encounters resistance in the child and that resistance can also show up in an unconscious way. For example, it can manifest in the body as its inability to tolerate certain substances and will show up as allergies. A refusal comes from the child, either from its conscious mind, or from its emotions and behavior, or from its body.


So there is a uniqueness in the child that cannot be denied, and where denial leads to reaction.  Where, in a more traditional child, there is a greater distancing from its own soul, its own uniqueness, in children of the new era this is no longer possible. There is even in children who are not naturally very assertive or expressive a drive to be true to themselves, a drive that is not even of their own choice; it is simply the way it is. This drive in children of the new era, I call being authentic: being true to your nature without having another option. And it goes without saying that when outside reality exerts pressure on the child, resistance will show up and can manifest in many different forms, and problems will arise. The problem is often seen as belonging to the child, that it has a behavioral problem or a physical problem with allergies and sensitivities, but the problem that arises is the child’s reaction to the outside world.


Before I go on, I would like to mention the second stream that is clearly present in children of the new era, and that is the flow of the heart: the stream of gentleness and love. Those are big words, but this core is present in every soul and each of you knows that flow. In each one of you lives a reminder of pure love, a connection to the larger whole and to gentleness, although that very deep loving impulse is more present in children of the new era. Therefore, they have more empathy, they feel other people’s pain much more easily. They empathize more deeply with the world and the people around them and suffer because of it. In a real sense, they struggle to know their boundaries because they have so much to give. Precisely in that loving, gentle, empathic side, these children can be very wise, forgiving, and older than they appear. Through their empathic side, they bring the Christ energy into this world.


I have here now named two streams. On the one hand, self-confidence and stubbornness, and on the other hand, gentleness, love, and a seeking for connection. These are beautiful qualities of the children of the new era. And you will see that in some of these children, the former side is more strongly represented, while in other children the loving, empathic side shows up more. They are the more dreamy, highly sensitive children who have difficulty with boundaries and are easily overwhelmed by stimuli. In the kids with strong individual natures, you experience resistance and stubbornness; they do not wish to conform and are anti-authoritarian. While in other children, neither of these qualities may be apparent.


How should society know how and when to deal with these children? What can we do to receive more fully the light they carry within themselves so that it sprouts and bears fruit? This is also a question I put to you because you are the ones who can see the light of the new children.


Here, I want to point to something of a grave nature. A lot of collective pain from the past is passed on in the hearts and souls of people, resulting in so much violence, so many struggles. Originally, it was the case that, in the energies of young children, there was hardly any space for this collective pain, which is so much about survival and competing for power or holding on to it. But this old energy still cuts its tracks through this world; you can read about it in the newspapers every day. You can also observe this energy in yourself when you are faced with fear or with negative thinking about yourself. And if you consider yourself inferior, you react by feeling guilty about what you do or not do. However, by reacting in this way, you are not being true to yourself and the result is that you belittle yourself and you begin to look at the world around you with distrust or fear. Those are the old energies that are still giving shape to the world and also exist in you.


That is why you can understand the trauma, the hurt, which comes from the past. And here you can be a bridge between the old and the new, and I ask you to be that bridge. What does it actually mean to understand all those twists of the human mind that get lost in heavy, negative emotions? I ask you to be faithful to yourself and the parts in yourself that are still suffering pain and to take those parts into your loving embrace. And when you do this, you have just made contact, within yourself, with the child of the new era, the radiant “I”, that in eternity is never lost.


I ask you to now connect with the hurt child within yourself who carries the burdens of an ancient past, maybe even of multiple lives. Invite this child in and ask it to show its face, which can be sad or anxious. It is, in a sense, the opposite of a child of the new era. It does not dare to be faithful to itself, because it was never allowed to be really spontaneous. It could not shout, laugh, or be sad; it was not allowed to be what it naturally is. And therefore this repressed child could not show its love enough; it had to be too restricted and reserved. So much creativity, so much inspiration was lost in previous generations, in the disciplined children who were not allowed to show their heart. Recognize this child in yourself and give it all the love you have within you. Console it, encourage it, and take it over the bridge into the new era. It is there that joy and healing awaits this child.


And what is the role of children of the new era in this process? They are here on Earth to help you heal. The light which radiates from their eyes tells you who you are. Their unconventional behaviour reminds you of your own repressed spontaneity or rebelliousness; they bring it to life in you. They are also the teachers of the new era, but that does not always happen without a struggle. They do not always present their messages in fine words or loving glances. That can also happen through very difficult behavior which is hard to comprehend.


It can throw you back on yourself and call up deep emotions in you when you are a parent or have to deal with them in one way or another. But dare to take on the confrontation, especially within yourself and what it is doing to you, and realize that you are also very important for these children. They are the example of how things will be; how the new human will present itself.


And what is your role in that process? By you building a bridge from the past to the future for them. They need to be welcomed, to be received in this world by people who recognize their light, who can see through their incomprehensible, cross, or difficult behavior, who can recognize original impulses. Your task is to be the light bearers of the generation who go before these children.


This is a time of transition. Some of you even show the qualities and features of the children of the new era. Find your own place in this transition and realize you are flowing with the tide, despite the problems that are there in the world, the problems that children encounter in systems that are still stuck in the old ways, still influenced by what is old. Despite that, there is so much new that is now growing that cannot be stopped. Listening to your soul, to your heart, to what you really want, and also, above all, to the contrary parts in yourself, is now more than ever possible and desirable.


I would therefore like to implore you: believe in yourself. Own up to the belief that exists in the children of the new era.  Let it be contagious, because it is through the unique power of each individual that the new is born. Not by way of structures from “on high”, but by way of the living reality through you, and you, and you. Then emerges a connection and a power.


Finally, I ask you to now feel how much new energy there is already in you who are gathered in this space. Feel the light, feel the joy; breathe again. I welcome you to the new era and thank you for your presence.


© Pamela Kribbe