The Consciousness of Earth


Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear people, I greet you heartily. I am your mother, the Earth, and I celebrate your presence here with me.

I encompass you all. Feel my presence as a consciousness that permeates all that lives on Earth. That consciousness is in you and in all that is around you: the minerals, the plants, the animals. I am in everything that lives. All that has taken material form is quickened and enlivened by consciousness from within, and I live in that consciousness and support it.


I am that constant, grounding presence which underlies all things and which allows the soul consciousness in each mineral, plant, animal, and human to develop. I am the mother who gives life to each and every form of consciousness. In the end, everything, each material particle or form, is kept alive by consciousness. And in my essence, I am also that consciousness. What can be perceived is matter, the material form, but it is the consciousness that underlies matter which is the essence of all forms.

About this consciousness which I am, I want to tell you something more. I am a female consciousness. I am fluid and flowing, and I know no limitations. And since I am the soul behind all life on Earth, there is a stream of unity that runs through everything – and I am it. Opposite to that unity is every unique individual soul. And because you are a unique individual, there is a dance between us, as between all individuals and the one current that I am. But that dance only works, is only creative and productive, if individual souls are aware of their connection with me. It is as with a great river: you can only relax and flow with it if you know you are part of that river, if you can feel that current and trust it.


But most people in your society are at odds with the flow of life that I am. They do not trust this current: they resist it, try to climb out of it, hang on to the river banks, because they feel that this current is turbulent and uncontrollable. This current is, in fact, the flow of your earthly nature: your feelings, your instincts, your passion, and people have not been taught to trust their nature. There is a great mistrust arising in people of their earthly nature, as well as a suspicion of the flowing life current of the Earth, in general.


The result of this mistrust is that the fundamental layer that I am, and that I might become for humanity, is not explored, or is not sufficiently explored. It is as if I am waiting to enter into a dance with you, but humans, in general, have turned away from me by trying to create their life independent of me. Above all, they want to be the master of life by using the mental energy of their head instead of moving along with that current of life which is natural and easy and fluid – if you do not resist it.


But because people collectively, and on a large scale, have turned their backs on the living flow that permeates everything, things are not going well on Earth. A gap has developed between humans and nature that has caused the destruction of large parts of nature in the plant and animal kingdoms. In addition, there is the devastation to the inner world of people themselves: they become depressed and unsettled if they can no longer find their own connection to the power of the Earth.


So why do I say this to you?

Because you who are here are aware of the importance of the relationship with the Earth, and you also understand that I have consciousness, that I am not just dead matter. Only when people get in touch with me, and their own energy begins to flow from within – their creativity, their self-confidence, their surrender to life – can I then fulfill my task. Only then can I nourish and support you so that the dance between humans and Earth can finally take place and take form: a creative dance from which all life benefits, myself included.

You are essentially channels that help shape a new energy, a new unity between humans and Earth, a new consciousness. I want you to be aware of your own qualities as they relate to this process. But sometimes you doubt yourself very much, and that partially blocks the channel even if you are actually already quite advanced in this process. However, you are not required to be perfect. You are not required to have all your problems solved in order to get in touch with me and to contribute something to the greater picture at a universal level, and not only at the level of the individual.


I ask you to now connect consciously to my heart

Imagine that under your feet you have roots that penetrate deep into my core, into my heart. Feel how you are supported by me and how I encourage you to surrender to this life and to trust me. Life in the human world, in society with all its rules and standards, and with the many fears that have been imprinted upon you as a child, that societal life has aroused fear in you and made a certain gap between your head and life itself. It is difficult for you to surrender to your heart, your feelings, your intuition. But it is possible, and as soon as you consciously connect with me, can I then help you; can you then feel how my energy flows through your legs from the roots under your feet.


Imagine that you are floating on your back on a big wide river and that you allow yourself to drift and you feel calm. It is safe, although you do not see where you are going. Imagine this in a very real way. You are adrift on that great river, and you look at the sky and feel and hear the sounds of nature around you. Feel how I carry you, and simply let go of the thoughts in your head.

Descend into your abdomen. In your gut lives an instinctual sense of what is true. It is from your gut that you can instantly know or feel something even before you have given it thought. That is the level you are looking for and it is that which makes you free: feeling without thinking. Connect silently with that place in your abdomen. Breathe into it and feel how the channel that you are, opens.


With purity, with stillness and silence, feel what your contribution is on Earth, what you have to give to humanity and to nature. Feel the energy of your unique gifts and trust that energy, and trust the feeling that comes with it. You came here to bring a flow that connects your unique soul with that of the Earth, with me, and it is in that still connecting point where our destinies meet and where we work together. I will receive your soulfulness and inspiration, and you in turn will receive my support and nourishment and my grounding in strength and security. This is what I want to be for you.


Thank you so much for your presence here and now

© Pamela Kribbe