The seeds of Christ Consciousness


Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

Dear friends,

This is Jeshua speaking. It is with great fondness in my heart that I salute you. I know you all. I can see and sense your souls and I even  know some of you from the lifetime that I lived on Earth over 2000 years ago. I was a human being like you. I had access to my soul, my soul energy.  But I also struggled with human doubts, fear and anger. Therefore I feel so close to you now. I know what you are going through. You are an angel, that is true, but you also have to deal with human fear and darkness. They can cloud your access to your soul’s voice. In this moment I am saying hello to all of you, piercing through the veil of illusion. I am with you from the heart and I am telling you that a new age is about to begin. A new age in which humans will be more able to channel their soul energy to Earth.



You all have a deep longing to connect with your soul. Unfortunately in society you are not taught how to do this. There is still so much fear and negativity in society and during your upbringing and that’s why for a lot of you your consciousness becomes clouded as you grow up. Often as a small child you can still connect with the joy and inspiration of your soul. Feel this little child around you, it is still alive. Invite it in your arms. It is a part of your soul. It wants to return to you. But also be aware of the cloud of fear and illusion that you are carrying with you. You may envision it as a dark grey energy. Don’t be afraid to look at it. It is your presence and your courage that makes it go away.


Often people try to escape their inner darkness. They try to seek solutions outside of them. They look for power and acknowledgement in the outside world. But that will never give you what you look for. You have to address your inner emptiness, your fear. Don’t be afraid of it, watch yourself holding a torch of light and now stand in the middle of this cloud of darkness. If you stand inside of it, you can hear voices crying. These voices belong to you. They are parts of you that feel lonely, desolate. Don’t see your inner darkness or pain as your enemy. See it like a child or children who have become lost and frightened. Turn towards them and face them. Hold your torch of light. If you do this you will instantly feel an increase in your own power, your force.


This is what it means to take responsibility for yourself. If you want to connect to your soul and hear its messages, you have to face this inner darkness as well.

Often if people don’t want to face their inner darkness, things – situations – happen in their life which feel like a crisis. An accident, an illness, losing a dear one. In fact life is inviting you to look at the darkness inside. Life on Earth always means to bring you back home to your soul. But that doesn’t have to be through suffering or crisis. If you have the courage to look directly into your darkness, you won’t have to attract outside crises to do it. This is what it means to go on the spiritual pathway; that you are prepared to look within, to hear your soul’s guidance and that you are ready to face everything that blocks you from hearing your soul.


You who are present here are all on this road, this spiritual path. I recognize you as brothers and sisters and I admire your courage. Don’t be too hard on yourself. This is a road of ups and downs. Even though the road within can be very steep and narrow, there are meant to be moments of joy and relief as well. As you go through your inner darkness you will at some point sense the light of your soul. This can lift you out of the heaviness that belongs to the  Earth realm. You are meant to receive joy and happiness in your lives.


For a moment, now, go to the level of your soul. Remember who you truly are and where you come from. A place of oneness, a place of unconditional love. Feel the presence of it, here and now. Breath it in, it is yours. By feeling it in your heart, you’re bringing it down on Earth. I so much appreciate the inner work you doing. You are creating the gateway to a new reality on Earth. You all have a dream, a vision of what the New Earth looks like.


Now travel with me for a short while into the future. To the New Earth. You are there already. On the level of the soul, time is but an illusion. Feel the energy of the New Earth that is being birthed right now. Now go one step further.  See yourself there, living in a place, a house. See your surroundings and the community you live in. Just allow your imagination to flow freely. Feel the energy of it. The details don’t matter so much. Take a look at your house. What does it feel like to be in it? See how it reflects your energy. And now ask this future self of yours: what are you doing in this place, what do you like to do during the day? Is there a certain type of work or creativity that you are drawn to? Feel what gives you the most joy. Feel how the energy of joy and inspiration flow through you easily. And also recognize how in this place you can learn through joy instead of suffering. You are still learning and growing in this place, but it happens in a much more harmonious and loving way.


Now invite this energy of the New Earth to join you here in the present. You are bringing it closer to you. Believe that it is possible. It is possible to live joyfully and with inspiration and peace. It does require that you are willing to face your deepest darkness. But see where it leads you, observe the beauty of your vision.


When I was on Earth, I also had a vision. You, as you sitting here now, are part of the future that I foresaw. I was here to bring the seeds of Christ consciousness to Earth. And you are those seeds and they are starting to bloom. I thank you for that and I want to remind you that we are one in our mission. Every one of you has their own contribution to make. All of you are needed and valued so much. So I ask you to take joy in your greatness. You are truly beautiful beings of light. You know the extremes of love and fear and you still hold your torch of light. That’s why you are here, that’s why you have incarnated once again on Earth. Imagine that we are all holding this torch of light in this room together. Feel how it enlightens us all. Let it shine on the darkness that is here too. And remember always that darkness wants to have light shine on it. It wants to be part of the whole, to join oneness. This is the essence of Christ consciousness, that you do not reject darkness but embrace it with your light.


© Pamela Kribbe